People often say there must be something in the water here that makes this City so special. At New York Natives we tap it, we distill it, and we deliver it. Drink up! It wasn’t all that long ago we at New York Natives believed that to qualify as a native, you had to be born and raised here… so much so, we even had it registered as a trademark: New York Natives Born and Raised ® The original blog and subsequent iterations of our website were based on that premise. Yet as the site evolved and we attracted some wonderfully talented contributors, so did our perceptions of what it means to be a true native. So, if you’ve made NYC your own… if it’s your home… then you are the best kind of New York Native. When shared through the native lens of our contributors, the depth and diversity of our City becomes alive and accessible. By tapping into native intelligence on all things New York, we help you discover what that “something in the water” really is.